Curls made easy
1,2,3,4…Simple Steps!

The 4 step process to beautiful, defined and hydrated curls.


Healthy scalp,
healthy hair.

Light hydrating leave-in spray for all textures.

Choose your styling product & get your desired look.

Hydrated curls,
healthy hair.

Minimise frizz & have your curls defined for longer



Never shampoo your curls.


On the contrary, it’s important to cleanse your hair and scalp. This will keep your scalp & hair clean leaving you ready for the application of more products, preventing product build up and potential scalp irritations and conditions. Healthy scalp, healthy hair.

Deep Curl Cleanse


Is a balanced, cleansing & hydrating shampoo with amazing natural ingredients to nourish your hair and scalp. Leaving your curls hydrated and soft.

Works on all textures. This cleanser is great for:



Only Co-wash (wash with conditioner)


Co-Wash is like washing your body with lotion. If done regularly never really cleanses the hair and can cause scalp irritations. The same applies to leaving wash-out conditioner in hair.

Wash out conditioner is not left in our hair long enough to effect change. And that is why we have created our leave-in curl spray.

Leave-in Curl SPRAY


This versatile conditioner is a light hydrating leave-in spray for all textures. It will leave your curls hydrated, soft and defrizzed.

Can also be used as:


The styling curl products are very hydrating, will minimise frizz and encourage definition. The amount used can be calibrated to suit you as an individual. (If weighed down, use less product [even a 5 Australian cent piece size] and [if you need more, use generally no more than x4 50 Australian cent piece sizes]). For texture match, look for your texture icon).

Light Curl Gel


Our light plant-based gel is nourishing, non-crunchy, it defines curls, fights humidity and gives hold. Also great for low porosity curls.



Our strong plant-based gel is nourishing, non-crunchy, it defines curls, fights humidity and gives hold. Also great for low porosity curls.


Whether it’s for hydration or strength, curls need TLC. Majority of the time curls need moisture and in the absence of this, the curls can appear looser than they naturally are.

Curl treatment


A hydrating deep conditioning treatment that penetrates deep into the hair shaft, to moisturise curls for longer.



Curls are hard to keep


When you have the right accessories, you are setting yourself up for curl success.



Tired of waking up looking like you were in a battle overnight, and on top of that, you have to wash or rewet your hair Ah-gain!


Starter Kit

1 x Deep Curl Cleanse, 1 x Leave-in Spray. 1 x Light Curl Gel or 1 x Strong Curl Gel, 1x Curl Treatment, 1 x Silk Pillowcase, 3x Hair ties


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