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The science of curls is our thing – we know what works and what doesn’t. What frustrates, and what sets you free. Our range of Rumbie & Co. products and team of experts are truly born for the curl. They’re here to enable a smarter, simpler era of curls.

We believe in curl liberation through education. Opening minds to simpler ways of caring, styling and living with curls is the reason we exist.

Our approach is built on experience, and backed by research. Relentlessly curious about curls, our training never stops. We know all curls are different, and we celebrate the infinite beauty in that.

We also know every curl journey is unique and exists beyond our salon. Our care spans the complete curl spectrum – there’s no curl we don’t know, or journey we don’t respect.

Our clients love us because we see them, we hear them, we get them.

We’re Rumbie & Co. – Curls, simplified.


With unity comes strength. Together we can build a movement that makes an impact. Not just to how we look, but how we embrace ourselves and our freedom to be. Always inclusive, we welcome, acknowledge, and celebrate difference.


Respect is non-negotiable. It underpins all that we do, and all that we’re building. Respect for ourselves, for everyone around us, and for every journey we are privileged to be part of.


Helping our clients to love and celebrate themselves is our thing. It’s the reason we exist. Upliftment is the ripple that creates waves of positive impact - for our clients, the community, and the big curl world we live in. Through care, community and constructive language, we always build others up. We’re all worth it.


Education is the key to progress. It keeps us humble, and helps us evolve. Ever curious about curls, our learning never stops. We learn from research, from each other, and of course our clients. Not stopping there, we share our knowledge with clients, fellow stylists and the greater community too. The more empowered, uplifted humans we have on our journey, the more progressive magic we make with this movement.


Meet our founder, Rumbie Mutsiwa (pronounced: ‘Room-B’ ‘Mootsee-wah’) – the force behind the curl movement.


Rumbie Mutsiwa

Founder + Art Director

Natasha Fountas

General Manager

Pulane Mahlaku

Relationship Manager


We’re always looking for new talent at Rumbie & Co. so check out our open positions.

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