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Keratin hair treatment salon sydney

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein and part of the structure of your hair. As us curly girls know, frizz and dryness can be a real problem when it comes to creating glossy, bouncy curls.

Here at Rumbie and Co we are proud to be offering keratin hair treatment in Sydney for our clients – giving them the opportunity to get smooth hair that is easier to manage and maintain. As part of the service for all our curly girls (and guys), Rumbie and Co work with the very best in hair products – created to make it easier for you to achieve the style you want – even with so-called ‘unmanageable’ hair.

Get the Look – Keratin Hair Treatment in Sydney, NSW

If you are looking for hair specialists who know curly hair, who offer perms, relaxers, extensions, weaves, and keratin hair treatment in Sydney, then come and meet the team at Rumbie and Co. We cannot wait to help you simplify your curl journey and love your curls!


What is a Keratin Soothing Treatment and How Does it Help?

Keratin is an important protein in your body. It is found in hair, nails and even the outer layer of your skin. Keratin is also the structural protein in animal hair, horns, and feathers. With a fibrous structure, keratin is insoluble.

What this means for a hair treatment, is that keratin is replaced in your hair structure to make it smoother. Of course, the level of treatment you get depends on the salon, and you will never get the same results from an at-home solution – even those that claim to be keratin may not have the same formulation as actual salon-grade products.

Keratin treatment is different from chemical relaxers in many ways. Firstly, keratin treatments are not permanent; they will wash out after a few months. Chemical relaxers are a more permanent option, where sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide is applied to the hair, breaking, and restructuring the bonds in the curl to make hair straight (although weaker).

A keratin smoothing treatment from our Sydney salon offers you the chance to achieve glossy, shiny, and frizz-free curls, making any style look smooth and maximise the bounce. Whatever your curl grade, a keratin treatment can make your hair much less dry, improving the gloss and shine.


Call Our Keratin Treatment Salon in Sydney Today

Here at Rumbie and Co keratin treatment salon in Sydney, we are dedicated to helping you on your curl journey so you can achieve the curls you want.

We provide a judgement-free space for you to discuss your hair history, and we work to empower you with information, techniques and products that will bring out the best in your hair. Whether you have had bad information in the past or have relied on hairdressers that are not experts in curly hair, you will be astonished at the level of care and support you can get from us.

We are mad about curls because we know that despite what you have been told, curly hair is versatile, it can be managed simply and effectively, and it can look smooth and well looked after.

However tight your curls are, from loose waves to Afro coils, we have the knowledge and techniques that can bring your curls to life – and whether you choose relaxers or keratin smoothing treatment in Sydney and beyond, Rumbie and Co are on hand to help you love your curls.

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