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We are not just any old hair salon in Newtown, we’re a salon that specialises in every type of curl. Whether you have wavy, curly, or afro hair, we know exactly how to help you take care of any style of hair for the best possible results.

While hair is our passion, we know that people don’t just come to us for our expertise and treatments. The reason our clients come back time and time again is that we have the same values. We truly value community and want you to feel at home every time you visit us. By getting to know you, we ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for every single time making us the hairdresser Newtown style queens recommend.

The Hairdresser Newtown Men & Women Recommend

We believe that a community that excludes anyone isn’t a true community at all. That’s why we welcome anyone with any type of hair through our doors. While our specialty lies in curls, we also offer a fantastic range of treatments and services to our straight-haired friends.

If like us, you value togetherness, respect, and empowerment, you’re guaranteed to feel right at home when you visit our hair salon in Newtown. We also place a lot of value in giving to those who need it most. That’s why, thanks to everyone who has invested in our future, we’re also able to change the lives of Moises and Jonathan.

These two boys and their families are from an impoverished background. We’re proud of our contributions which allow them a childhood where they can be educated, supported, encouraged, and well-fed.

We recognise that without your help, we could not have done this. So together, we have helped these young boys to dream of a future that would have otherwise been unimaginable. With continued support, we hope that we can help more children like Moises and Jonathan.


The Rumbie & Co Hair Salon Newtown

One of the things that makes us the best hairdresser in Newtown is the experience that we offer our clients. We know that you lead an incredibly busy life, from your work life to family commitments and pursuing hobbies to your social life, you’re always on the go. For many of our clients, coming to us is their chance to relax and have some much-needed me-time.

Let us take care of everything and make you feel at home. We offer a welcoming ritual with every treatment to help you fully relax before we begin. You’ll receive a Visarôme massage accompanied by a choice of diluted essential oils to create an atmosphere where you can truly unwind.

Our experienced Newtown hairdressers in Sydney place a huge amount of importance on consultations. During a consultation, we will get to know your specific needs so that we can work with you to deliver the results that you’re looking for. With the confidence that we’re on the same wavelength, you’ll be able to relax as we work our magic.

Before your appointment, we ask that you wash, detangle, and dry your hair so we can see your curls in their true form. If you have hair extensions, cornrows, or plaits, please remove them before attending your consultation with one of our hairdressers.


About Rumbie & Co Hairdressers Newtown, Sydney NSW

Our clients love that we make them feel welcomed at every visit. Most think of us as their friends. From the moment you enter our hairdresser in Newtown Sydney, we offer a professional service with expert advice so we can make your hair journey one that is stress-free and exciting.

For example, Ellie has ‘searched far and wide for a hairstylist’ that knew how to get the best results for her type of hair, and we’re thrilled that since she started coming to us, she’s never looked back. We’re passionate about curly hair of any kind and want to encourage you to embrace it and move forward with confidence.

We want to create an environment that is warm and relaxing, so you enjoy being on this journey with us. We don’t just offer hair treatments and say goodbye at the door. We also offer aftercare hair advice that is ‘easy to understand and to implement’. This means that you can wear your beautiful curls the way that you want to, every single day.

If your hair has suffered years of neglect, we can help bring life back to your hair so you can embrace your natural curls once again. Speaking to our Newtown hairdressers in Sydney will open your eyes to a wealth of affordable hair products that actually work so you can look salon perfect every day.


Book a Consultation with Rumbie & Co Hairdresser Newtown, Sydney

The first step towards naturally beautiful hair is a consultation with one of our specialist curly hairdresser Newtown residents trust. In order to see the best results, we need a full understanding of your hair type. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive 30-minute consultation where your curl specialist will ask about your hair and get to understand what your hair needs and your personal goals. From there, they will be able to generate an action plan to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Our in-depth consultations are charged at $50 however the fee will be deducted from your next service when used within 3 months. It’s the ideal way to work out if you’re wavy, curly, or even afro and through careful examination, we can place you into the A, B, or C categories for that hair type.

By doing this, we have a really clear picture of what your hair needs in order to thrive, what helps it, and what hinders it. Not only will our experts be able to give you the most effective treatment, but they will also be able to recommend steps for looking after and maintaining your look on a daily basis.

If you’re ready to speak to the best hairdresser in Newtown for curly hair, call us on (02) 9318 0698 to schedule a consultation appointment. Alternatively, you can book your appointment online by visiting our website.

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Escape the hecticness of life. On arrival, you’ll get a welcoming visarome massage around your hairline using a choice of diluted essential oils to help you relax.

Rumbie & Co curl experts offer comprehensive consultations, understanding your curl needs and working with you to deliver great curls in a creative, relaxed and safe atmosphere.

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