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Curly Hair Shop

Here at Rumbie & Co, we don’t just want to be known as a curly hair shop. We also want to be known as a place that you can come and relax. The world that we live in is incredibly fast-paced but when you come to us, you know you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything, even if it is just for a few hours.


Relaxing Curly Hair Shop

The moment you walk through our salon doors, you’ll be treated just like family. We’re a tight-knit community of like-minded people who want to empower and uplift each other. We want your curl specialist to become your best friend so that they can understand your hair goals and help you achieve them.

Hair is so much more than just the individual curls on your head. It’s part of your style and your confidence. If your hair isn’t at its best, neither are you. We’re here to restore your hair to its full potential so you can be the best you possible.


What is Curly Hair Balayage?

In the hands of a well-trained specialist at our curly hair shop, balayage has the ability to give you that natural, sunkissed look. If you’ve ever thought that highlights are just for people with straight hair, you couldn’t be more wrong. The process for balayage on curly hair might be a little different, but your hair is a unique canvas that will yield equally stunning results.

If you’re looking to add texture and dimension to your curls, balayage is a fantastic option. This technique will give you a mixture of highs and lows to help achieve the perfect beachy, summertime look. Colour is applied by our stylists using a freehand method to ensure your highlights look natural instead of painted on.

We will be able to give you expert advice on how to maintain your curls and your new balayage look for as long as possible. Highlights are a chemical so it’s important to look after your hair so it doesn’t dry out and kill your curls. Our specialists will be able to recommend products that will work on your hair and that are also affordable.

If you’ve been looking for curly hair balayage near me, look no further than Rumbie & Co. By getting to know you and your hair through a consultation, we’ll be able to offer you the best treatment and recommend the most effective way to look after your hair type. Our balayage colour service takes 30 – 40 minutes to apply and the processing time can be anywhere from 30 – 75 minutes. For the best results, we recommend that you also have a blow-dry with this service.


Contact our Curly Hair Shop to Speak with a Balayage Specialist Near Me

Are you looking to give your curls a naturally sun-kissed look with more definition and texture? You can stop the hunt for ‘curly hair balayage near me‘ because you’ve found the best! To speak to a curl specialist about our balayage colour service, call (02) 9318 0698.

You can also go online to book an appointment or consultation.

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Escape the hecticness of life. On arrival, you’ll get a welcoming visarome massage around your hairline using a choice of diluted essential oils to help you relax.

Rumbie & Co curl experts offer comprehensive consultations, understanding your curl needs and working with you to deliver great curls in a creative, relaxed and safe atmosphere.

Hair should be clean, detangled and dry before the appointment as curls are distorted when the hair is wet. An extra charge may be incurred for detangling and rescheduling in other cases.

If there are any hair extensions, cornrows or plaits, please remove them prior to the appointment. Alternatively you can book for an extension removal prior to your desired services.

We endeavour to have your hair done within the stipulated time frame, however, with curly hair there are variables beyond our control that could extend your time in the salon.

1. Seeing that curly hair is the new phenomenon for most of us, some of our patrons require TLC and our team endeavours to ensure all patrons have their questions answered and are set to win on their curly journey.

2. With varying hair textures come varying time allocations for drying too.

3. As some of our curl specialists are developing their growing skills, more time may be needed to perfect your style.

For this, we ask that you are patient with us. If time is of the essence, we recommend booking in with our more experienced specialists.

Regardless of the feedback, we welcome your highlights (pun intended) on how well we have executed anything as well as growlights on what areas we can develop and how so we can work at being the curl salon you envision.

Together, we can figure this out.

While we strive to deliver to your expectations and beyond, we do need your help in this regard. This means, we would love for you to talk to us before, during and after your service. If you didn’t feel comfortable during your time in the salon, please feel free to call or email [email protected]

We would arrange a consultation with a stylist of your choice, in this way we can find a way forward. You can also be booked in with another curl specialist of your preference based on your needs.

If your curls appear looser than usual after a service, the product may be too heavy for your curls. Please don’t be upset, your hair can be washed again and styled using a lighter product and voila just like that your curls are bouncy again. Please note, no one head of hair is the same and there are definitely options

You can ALWAYS speak up. This is a revolution. We can partner well together with communication. If you are not understanding anything, in pain, uncomfortable about anything, please speak up.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We believe so much in our product, so much so that, if you are experiencing challenges with your products, you can get in touch [email protected] with the subject “HELP”. 

Let us know the challenge in the email and our team will help you until you are  100% satisfied with your purchase because with our 10000+ clients loving our products, we know we have done this well, and even in that, sometimes we need a little tweak. We are committed to lifelong learning. So our Service Team is here for you.