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For those who don’t know, Australia has had it’s very first and very own curl-specialising brick and mortar hair salon in Sydney, since 2015. Wait a minute…

“What’s a curl specialist?” you ask. In regards to our team, we define ourselves as professional hairdressers that are certified, dedicated, passionate and have specialist knowledge about all types of curly hair. Wavy, curly and afro hair textures. So,

Why would you need a curly hairdresser? To answer that, as a curly girl or curly guy empath, we need to go through some common curly woes:

  1. You feel and have heard negative things that your hair is unmanageable, unprofessional, difficult, can and is only styled in a bun or braids.
  2. Your curly hair routine takes too much time and requires too much of you, you feel overwhelmed, you’ve become a product junkie and are progressively discouraged. To make matters worse, still, your hair doesn’t look like your favourite curly YouTuber’s.
  3. Your curls were being cut wet or straightened. They may look good until you are home, and the curl has come back, fringe is too short, hair is uneven, too much was cut off, nothing was explained, it’s triangular or too structured.
  4. You are tired of hair salon disappointments so you never visit a hairdresser. Last cut…years ago.
  5. Your child has a totally different hair texture to yours or your parents had different hair texture to yours and you never knew what to do with your hair. Maybe you have never had the desire to embrace every curl because your curly hair has been a touchy subject. This normally happens when there’s a “throwback gene” or if the curly hair in question is a byproduct of biracial/ mixed race backgrounds.

Whatever the situation is, This is where the Rumbie & Co curl experts come in.

What is so different about our curly hair salon?

Other than the aforementioned, our extensive training and other characteristics, Rumbie & Co’s team of curl experts are as follows:

  1. Not purist. We believe there’s more freedom in curls than is often portrayed and we love empowering people with that knowledge and giving them curl confidence.
  2. We believe in self-love and respecting each individual on their curly girl (guy) journey. Curly hair is so versatile and we’ll help you achieve your best and healthiest curls (even if those curl patterns have been altered). We will help you with making informed decisions around your curly crowns.
  3. Our curl team offers extensive services including a healthy selection of afro specialty services, curly hair extensions, weaves, lace front weaves, wig installations and various protective styling not only limited to cornrows and braids.
  4. Our excitement to teach and guide you on curly hair techniques, curly hairstyles, maintenance, colouring and keeping healthy curls is unparalleled
  5. We partner with some amazing curly hair product brands that just focus on the essential–curl hydration. The likes of Australia’s own Embrace For Every Curl, Jane Carter Solutions and TGIN as they deliver consistent perfection on curl results. This empowers the life for our curlies by simplifying your personal recommendations.
  6. We are in this because we love curls. Let us help you embrace yours.


Want more? Take a peek in our gallery on Instagram & Facebook  to see curly-haired icons that are a part of the Rumbie & Co family, along with other inspirations. Let us know what else you want to hear about and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with all the latest on curly hair.

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