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all curls to thrive

Rumbie + Co - Wavy


With subtle to defined “S” or “s” shape patterns, this texture with minimal effort has a natural bounce. Learn how to embrace every wave on your head and view our services.


These curls have defined lowercase “s” with the occasional uppercase “S” or even “z” shape curls. Learn how to embrace every curl on your head, and view our services.

Rumbie + Co - Afro


The curliest of coils. Compactly curled. When hydrated Afro hair can make for brilliant definition, spectacular volume and mind blowing shrinkage. Afro textures are fragile but with some TLC yours will thrive! Learn how to embrace your ‘fro and view our services.


Go ahead and enjoy the versatility of curly hair. If you want to loosen or straighten your curls, enjoy the availability of choice. No judgment. Our team respects every curly journey, (kinked or otherwise) as long as we help you foster healthy hair. Rest assured, our team of curl experts will help you where needed. You can learn more and view our services.

Because of you, we give back!

We believe that we rise by lifting others.

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